Is the Island Explorer shuttle accessible from the Bar Harbor Motel?

Yes. It stops right in front of the Bar Harbor Motel every 15 minutes from the end of June until the middle of October and takes you to downtown Bar Harbor. If your destination is downtown, brilliant, you’re there. If you wish to go further afield other buses available downtown can take you all over […]

Where can I buy a National Park Pass for Acadia National Park?

For your convenience, Acadia National Park Passes available for purchase at the front desk. In addition, Acadia National Park provides 3 ways to purchase a pass, automated Fee Machines, Purchase and Print online, or In-Person Sales locations. Automated Fee Machines Three types of weekly passes (Vehicle, Motorcycle, Individual) may be purchased by credit card from […]

How do I find the daily tide charts for Bar Harbor?

Speak to the front desk and they can guide you to the daily tide charts printed in the Acadia Weekly pamphlets, or simply visit here. Please remember, Low Tide is the point just before the tide starts to come in again. For best results, please plan to begin your excursions to low tidal areas 1.5 […]

How do I get to Bar Island?

From the Villager office, turn left, heading north on Main Street into downtown Bar Harbor. Continue through downtown until you hit West Street on the waterfront. Turn left again and continue walking until you come to Bridge Street. Turn right at Bridge Street and walk the 500 yards down to the beach. Cross the land […]